Cocooning in the Halipuu forest

Cocooning in the Halipuu forest

Duration: 2 hours / Difficulty: Easy

Forget your worries and experience the forest from a new perspective snuggled in a cozy hammock, breathing the purest air of the inhabited world and listening to the sounds of the Arctic. This is what Lapland is about!

Finnish people have been drawing their health from the forests for centuries. We have been going into the woods for stress release and healing even before the modern research into the medicinal qualities of trees. Your HaliPuu experience begins in Veitservasa with a short walk (about 1km) through our family's old woodlands we arrive at the hugging tree forest. An old lumberjack and the owner of the woods, saved it from harvesting and now the century-old pine-trees are being adopted by people from around the world. 

Enjoy the ultimate in forest relaxation as your guide takes you through a series of specific exercises. When you’re ready, you are tucked into a warmly insulated hammock cocoon swaying among the Halipuu trees. Afterwards we share a traditional warm home made berry juice and a snack. 

Extra: A hand-made specialty coffee made on an open fire and a home-made chocolate lingonberry cookie (order in advance). 

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