Overnight experience in Pokka village

Overnight experience in Pokka village

Duration: 18 hours / Difficulty: Easy / Private

An authentic wilderness cottage is located in village Pokka, about 1 hour drive from Levi destination. Once we depart from Levi by a minibus we will head to a local restaurant and enjoy the dinner. The desert we will enjoy at the cottage in a Lappish hut. 

When arriving to cottage, we start doing tasks one need to always do once staying at the cottage. Typicalle, heating up the cottage (with firewood as there is not electricity) and sauna, of course wood-heated as well. During summer time the water will be carried from the well and during winter we will take water with a sled to cottage. 

You are welcome as you are, this tour takes you to typically Finnish style - a night spent in the cottage. We enjoy the silence, nature and cottage life as the Finns would enjoy with the friends.  

During this tour you will learn Finnish and Lappish style enjoying time at cottage and relax in the nature sceneries. 

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