Cocooning in the HaliPuu forest: The ultimate Arctic hammock relaxation

Cocooning in the HaliPuu forest: The ultimate Arctic hammock relaxation

Duration: 2 hours / Difficulty: Easy


Our 2h Cocooning experience starts in Veitservasa, a place full of stories and family history. We walk through Raekallio family's old woodlands, and hear how the forest’s history is intertwined with the events of the 1900’s. We experience the trees, marvel at the stillness of the nature and breathe in world’s cleanest air.

After a 500 m walk we arrive at the HaliPuu – hugging tree forest. Pappa, an old lumberjack and the owner of the woods, saved it from harvesting and now the century-old pine-trees are being adopted by people from around the world. Can you spot the cocoons among the trees?

During the walk our specialist guide takes you through calming exercises designed to bring you into the here and now. When you feel ready, you are tucked into your hammock-nest for the ultimate forest relaxation. There is nothing to accomplish, nothing to perform. You are free to just be.

Afterwards we share a traditional warm black currant juice and a savory snack or Campfire Barista's world famous coffees (extra). 

We head back the same route, but this time at a bit different tempo – we are now in the rhythm of the forest.

EXTRA: Campfire Barista's coffee experience. Delight your taste buds with the best coffee drinks in the Arctic! The artisan coffee beans from Kaamos coffee roastery in Rovaniemi, crystal clear well water and the smoky heat of a campfire combine to make the best lattes north of the Arctic Circle. Campfire Barista's coffee drinks, chaga-chai-latte's and other beverages are served with home made lingonberry marshmallows and lingonberry-chocolate-chip cookies.

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