Kennel visit (incl. return transfer from Levi)

Kennel visit (incl. return transfer from Levi)

Duration: 2 hours / Difficulty: Easy

Our huskies welcome you visit also on summer/autumn time. That is the time when they spend holiday and our new members of pack will be born: Puppies!! This summer we will have one litter and it will born half of July.

This tour included pick up from Levi. Please note, if you like to arrive with your own car (location approximately 20 min drive from Levi), book Kennel visit tour (without transfer) instead of this tour. Total price per person incl. transfer is 60 € / adult (12+ years) and 50 € / child under 12 years.  

You will meet our huskies and joined with them when we let them free running on large fenced area. You will have good time to take pictures and spend time with dogs.

We will tell you life of huskies and sled dog training. And on the end have a nice brake inside the Lappish kota and enjoy coffee/juice and biscuit.  

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